Any medical condition reflects its effects on the vital organs such as liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen and other organs. In the histopathology section, liver or other tissue biopsy samples from the living bird or post mortem tissues from the liver kidneys, lungs, crop, spleen, and heart are examined by this process. Moreover, cytology is done on the fluid samples, pus, crop wash and Granulomatous lesions. 

This process includes chemically treating the tissue samples, special cutting of the tissues into microscopic sections, staining and observing under microscope. Histopathology detects any abnormality on a cellular level that reflects certain disease processes. This way the extent of tissues damage from biopsy samples is assessed that indicates involvement of the organs from which the tissues were obtained and thus reflects the health condition of falcons.

Histopathology also plays a role in detecting the cause of death of a falcon and warrants optimum management practice to prevent the same disease in future and also helps prevent the diseases in the local falcon population.       

This section is also important in detecting a number of infections immunologically in the tissues sections obtained from the post-mortem falcon.