Who we are?

Dedication to provide high quality, falcon care for all our customers is fundamental to everything we do.

Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital (SWFH) is a specialty practice for falcons established in the year 2008. In 2011 construction work on a 3-floor hospital was completed and the facility was subsequently inaugurated and clinical work begun in August of that year to face the challenges of expected heavy caseloads in the following month of September when falconry season officially begins.

Currently, the hospital provides clinical and laboratory services to a daily turnover of 130-150 falcons during the peak season and up to 50 falcons daily during the moulting season.

The location of SWFH is conveniently located in the Falcon Souq, within the popular Souq Waqif – the ‘Standing Market’. The Souq was and is still famous for buying and selling goods ranging from livestock and fish, to spices and cereal grains, to teas and coffees, fresh and dry fruit, to garments and cloths; and various other goods.

It takes a team of 30 hospital staff plus a 24 hour hospital service team that keeps the hospital clean and operational.

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