For all import and export questions and answers you should speak with the ministry of environment of the country you reside in.

Travelling with your falcon is part of a falconer’s everyday life, especially for locals. Falconers love travelling with their falcons and go on many hunting trips. The GCC has much wildlife which appeals to the locals. Falconers will travel in their 4 x 4 cars, many with their falcon sitting by their side.

For further hunting ground no doubt you will have to fly. Qatar airways are now advertising their flights with falcons sitting by their owners ‘Harmless, domesticated dogs, cats and birds can travel as excess baggage on the same flight’. Of course most other airlines do not permit this so other transport solutions must be found. Travelling boxes are useful. Most will be custom made for your falcon depending on size. Transport boxes must be large enough to allow a falcon to spread its wings without the possibility of damage. Attention should be made to the conditions of the boxes, they are always to be kept disinfected and clean – they can be major source of infection.

Transport boxes are ideal to carry sick falcons, either to transport them to the vet or keep them in a dark, stress free place.