Clinical Pathology

In this section blood obtained from the falcons is prepared for analyzing different biochemistry parameters to examine the overall health status of the falcon. In falcons, like other animals, all the vital organs release chemical and biological substances into the main blood stream both in healthy and unhealthy conditions. Analysis of these biochemical substances are of important value in assessing the condition of the falcons.

The samples that are used for biochemistry could be whole blood, serum, plasma or other biological fluid that can be obtained from the falcons.  The panels of parameters that we analyze in this section depend upon what body system is suspected to be involved in the disease process and is divided into liver panel, renal panel and comprehensive panels and includes total protein, albumin, glucose, calcium, urea, uric acid, blood ammonia, bile acid, ALT, AST, CK, GGT, LDH and blood electrolytes. Apart from blood cells, the systemic blood also contains blood proteins. The analyses of blood protein, albumin and different types of globulins give indication to changes in the immune system of the bird and have a significant role in the prognosis of disease.