Dr. Adil Hussain Nawab Al-Dein
Dr Adil Husain graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery degree from the University of Baghdad, Iraq. He worked as a Veterinarian from 2001 to 2010 in Iraq in different capacity including diagnosis, treatment, surgery, obstetrics and reproduction in large and small animals. He also worked as a Clinician and Pharmacist in poultry farms and pet bird’s aviaries. He supervised poultry farms husbandry management and vaccination.

He joined SWFH in 2010 as Veterinary Pharmacist and his job responsibility is of medicine procurement, inventory management, preparation & dispensing, dose determination of the drugs and related advisory services to the falconers for the methods and time period of drug dispensation with respect to the concentrations, antagonisms and contraindications of drugs.

He is also involved in training the technicians on how to administer intravenous fluids and sub-cut injections, as well as how to use the emergency medicine in critical cases (as Concentrations and doses prescribed).

Dr Adil Husain maintains the medicine store with efficient inventory and forecasting system. He is also responsible for preparing medicine lists to the purchasing department and keeps track of medicine requirements. He keeps the medical staff updated for best and latest treatment protocols in falcons. He is member of the procurement and hiring committee and is interested in conducting research trials for investigating new medicines in falcons.