Mr Prasoon E. Raheem
Laboratory Technician

Mr Prasoon Raheem holds Master’s Degree in Zoology from Kerala, India. Before joining SWFH, he worked at the capacity of Research Fellow in Molecular Biology at the University of Kannur (2003-2008), Research & Development Officer at National Prawn Company, Saudi Arabia (2008-2010) and as Clinical Research Consultant at BCD Labs, Kerala, India (2010-2012). He joined SWFH in 2012 as a Molecular Biology Tech and is involved in analyses of various samples for PCR, electrophoresis and gene sequencing. During such analysis, he evaluates and modifies the techniques, as required for analysis of swab, blood and tissue samples for the presence or absence of viral, bacterial and fungal organisms of clinical importance to falcons. He is actively participating in various research programs undergoing at SWFH and contributing his research experience towards achieving the goal. Additionally, he provides technical and collaborative support to the other sections of the hospital. He is also involved in writing various reports with respect to housekeeping and facility maintenance. He is also a member of SWFH procurement committee.