1st Veterinary Assistant


Job title : 1St Veterinary Assistant


Academic qualification (diploma/secondary/preparatory) certified by the authorized entities in the State of Qatar and abroad.

Years of Experience:

  • Experience in the job field of not less than (3) years.

  • (5) Years in the case of an academic qualification (preparatory).

*All experience must  be certified by the employer previous work.


If the candidate is in the State of Qatar, he should have non-objection letter to transfer sponsorship from his current sponsor (NOC).

General Description:

  • Completing/assisting in performing veterinary work in the clinic assigned to the employee by his direct supervisor.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conducting the preliminary laboratory tests such as fecal parasitology and crop cytology.

  • Collect laboratory samples from healthy/unhealthy falcons such as (blood, swabs, macroscopic pathological lesions) and others.

  • Organize, sterilize, and inventory of the surgical and medical instruments and consumables with different types within the boundaries of work area which the employee responsible about it.

  • Installing microchips for falcons.

  • Fixing and removal of leg rings, tail mount, leash rope in falcons.

  • Assisting in repairing the beak and talon of falcons.

  • Assisting the veterinary doctor during the endoscope for the digestive and respiratory systems.

  • Giving the necessary treatments in diagnostic room.

  • Monitoring the falcons under anesthesia during the medical and laboratory examinations.

  • Recording medical and laboratory results and updating the data in the falcons file in the assigned area which he is responsible for it.

  • Assist the veterinary doctor during soft tissue surgeries.

  • Assist the veterinary doctor during orthopedic surgeries.

  • Other tasks may be assigned to the employee, depending on the requirement of the work.

It is preferable that the candidate has experience in the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Repairing the damaged feathers of the falcons.

  • Organizing, sterilizing and categorizing the feathers bank according to the species of the falcons.

  • Organize, sterilize, and inventory of the used instruments in the feathers repairing section.

  • Replacing the damaged feathers of the falcons. 

Job Skills:

  • Work under pressure.

  • Ability to solve problems encountered during work.

  • Ability to speak Arabic and English.

Prospective candidates can send their resume along with cover letter, qualification certificates,experience certificates and should have non-objection letter to transfer sponsorship fromhis current sponsor (NOC) to the email address: info@swfh.com and put the job posting’s title in the subject of your email.



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