Principles of first aid

Before starting any treatment, it is very important to be fully aware about the nature of the problem at hand. This will depend primarily on the experience of the falconer.

It is very important to secure a quiet, warm (29-32 degrees cent), dark place where you should keep the injured falcon; you can control the heat by using a lamp or an electric blanket in the cage or outside, it is also important to keep the injured falcon alone and not mix it with other birds or falcons. You can control the movement of the injured falcon by wrapping it with a towel, making sure it is not tight.

In case of external bleeding, an attempt should be made to stop it immediately.

Dehydration because of bleeding or diarrhoea should be treated by mixing water and glucose and feeding it to the falcon, this will prove difficult because injured falcons usually lose their appetite. An attempt should be made by enforced tube feeding.