Avian Pox Virus

Avian Pox Virus is a viral disease that is contagious and slowly transmitted; it affects most of the birds’ wild and domestic and among them falcons. 70 species of wild birds has been reported to have had this disease. It is known as ‘Jedra’ amongst local falconers.

 Method of Transmission

  1. This disease may be carried by mosquitos and will be transmitted by bites from infected birds to healthy birds.
  2. Direct contact between affected birds and healthy birds.
  3. Direct touching between the affected body parts of infected falcon and a healthy falcon.


There are two kinds of Pox infection:

  1. Cutaneous or Dry Pox –  This is the most common type of infection and usually affects the external parts of the bird and showing papillae on the bare areas of the bird where there are no feathers like legs and around the beak and eyes.
  2. or wet type – Very rare.


  1. The apparent lesions like papillae.
  2. Laboratory investigations.

 Prevention and Control

  1. Annual Vaccination.
  2. Insect control, like mosquitoes and fleas in the cage or the falcon rooms to prevent the transport of the virus via insect.
  3. Prompt examination of imported falcons or recently bought before keeping them with healthy falcons in their cages.
  4. Cleaning and sterilising the cages regularly to avoid transmission of the virus.
  5. In case of infection appears in one falcon, strict isolation should be arranged in a special room.
  6. Individual instruments should be used for every falcon example drinking wells and others.