Prevalence of faecal endoparasite ova in falcons in Qatar
Due to the vast number of falcons seen since the hospital opened, there was a need to study and research one of the problems associated with Falconry ....the Endoparasite.
A great deal of falcons suffers from endoparasite infestation, and is one of the most common types of diseases to affect falcons. We need more details on the types of Endoparasite affecting the Falcons.
During the hunting season from October 2011 to April 2012, 6853 faecal samples from captive falcons were evaluated for endoparasites at SWFH. The routine faecal parasite examination was carried out by the direct examination of wet mount preparations of fresh faecal samples under 100X (10X objective) magnification.
Retrospective analysis of the faecal records revealed that 35.7% (2449/6853) of the samples examined were positive for one or more endoparasite ova. A monthly break-up showed that the prevalence of endoparasites was highest in the month of November, at 40.9%, and lowest in January, at 31.5%.