Tracheoscopy – Inspection of the wind pipe and the lower airways.

Laparoscopy – A small incision is made near the abdomen and an endoscope is inserted to inspect the internal organs.

Gastroscopy – Inspect the crop and gizzard of the falcon.

Removal of foreign bodies by endoscopy – After inspecting the falcon internally we can remove foreign bodies such as dead worms (Serratospiculum) and lead pellets.


Ventro / Dorsal position.

Lateral position.


TLC (Total leukocyte count) – Measures the total number of white blood cells.

PCV (Packed Cell Volume) & Hb (Hemoglobin) – To assess the anemic and dehydration status.

DLC (Differential Leukocyte Count) – Is used to assess the toxemic / septicemia changes of the blood cells.

Faecal analysis – Preliminary method used to diagnose parasitic infestation.

Crop Swab analysis – Is a preliminary test used to detect protozoa, ova of parasites, candidasis and bacterial infections

Blood analysis for Lead poisoning – Using the LEADCAREII system.

General Checkup

Nose clean – Check and cleaning by flushing both nostrils with warm normal saline.

Eye clean – Using Optrex®

Ear clean – Generally using antibiotic ear drops when needed.

Oral Pharyngeal Cavity – Visual examination for clinical significant lesions.

Glottis – Visual examination of obstructive lesions or pathologic changes.

Dehydration – By skin tenting.