BACTERIOLOGY – Analysis and identification of bacteria.

MYCOLOGY – Analysis and identification of Fungi.

ANTIBIOTIC SENSITIVITY TEST – Test the susceptibility of antibiotics on different strains of bacteria. Identify which Antibiotic is more successful in treating bacterial infection.

SEPTICEMIA TEST – Bacterium Infection of the blood, caused by a bacterial infection somewhere in the body entering the blood stream.

SALMONELLA TESTING (RAPID TESTING) – Gram negative bacteria that can infect falcons.

Molecular Biology

Mycology, Virology and Bacteriology Analysis using PCR

GENDERING – Identify the gender of falcons genetically.

Gene Sequencing of Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens


LIVER PANEL TEST – Check the functionality of the liver and how well it is performing. We measure the blood levels of Albumin, Total Protein and liver enzymes.

RENAL PANEL – Assess the kidney function. We measure minerals, glucose and other parameters.

ELECTROLYTES & BLOOD GAS ANALYSIS – Measure the levels of electrolytes and gases in the blood. From these tests we can evaluate lung function, and the acid – base balance that may give us an indication into the possibility of a respiratory or kidney disorder.

BILE ACID TEST (SNAP) – Is a test to indicate liver disease. We can examine the efficiency of the liver to clear bile acid from the blood.